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Remodeling, Renovation and Quality Construction in

Galveston County with Master Craftsman Vasyl Korovskyi

Old-world Craftmanship

Galveston County Remodeling is your go-to for home improvement project needs. Our company was founded by Vasyl Korovskyi. Mr. Korovskyi, a native of Kyiv, Ukraine, has been working with wood and learning the trade since childhood. He was born in 1970, when Ukraine was part of the USSR.

At age 5, he started apprenticing with his uncle, a master woodworker. First, he started learning to build cabinetry. Next, he learned to lay tile. By age 8, he started having his own customers. At age 19, after he finished formal education, his family had saved up enough money to relocate to Spartanburg, South Carolina. His dad had lined up a job building Hondas.

In America, the young Mr. Korovskyi continued to hone his skills learning roofing, framing, fencing and plumbing. He’s continued to fine-tune his expertise in Galveston, perfecting the skills unique for this region: hurricane strapping.


Expert Woodwork

Our founder is a master woodworker. We do it all: custom shelving, cabinetry, wood flooring, wood doors, paneling, structural beams and framing. If we build it, it’s built to last. From planning to budgeting to execution to clean up, our projects are designed with your home’s best value in mind.


Express Yourself

Your home is your sanctuary. Remodeling can transform your space. If your house is dark and dated, you can make refreshing improvements with even simple remodeling projects. New cabinets, counter tops, and tile can update your space, making the kitchen the heart of your home. A single skylight can completely transform a gloomy dining area. An elegant tile pattern can transform your bathroom into a calming refuge.


Need More Space?

An addition to your house can add value to your life and home. If you need more space, but have no idea how it can be done, Galveston County Remodeling has you covered. Our expert builders see your house with fresh eyes. Experience matters. Could you add a second story to your garage? Could you remove a wall to open up your living space? Could your storage needs be met with floor-to-ceiling shelving? Can it all be done on a budget you can afford? From additions to complete demolition and rebuilding, Galveston County Remodeling can do it all.


Great Outdoors

Turn your home into a nature getaway. Outdoor remodeling is a great way to expand your living space and make your own backyard like a vacation destination. A screened-in covered deck could become the best room in your house. Our builders have years of experience creating or renovating decks, patios and balconies. Your backyard deserves to be the stylish compliment of your home.


Improve the Value of your Home

Do you need a kitchen update? New tile laid in your bathroom? Need more storage space? Galveston County Remodeling is an industry expert at improving the quality of your home by remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, basements, outdoor decks, porches, driveways and garages.

Gavleston County Remodeling does it all. Add a window. Install a kitchen island. Tile a shower. Build a boat dock. Build, paint and seal a deck. Add a patio. Galveston County Remodeling combines technical skill with project management expertise. The best home remodeling service in Galveston, Texas.

Protect Your Investment

Galveston homeowners face unique challenges. Galveston County Remodeling knows how to reinforce your home to protect it against hurricanes. Twist straps and ties are designed to transfer tension loads to prevent high-speed wind damage to roofs and vertical wooden structures. Other options include retrofitting with stud plate ties, straight straps, girder tie downs and strengthening wall-to-roof connections. In addition to the house, decks, docks and patios also need reinforcement to prevent hurricane and flood damage.

We understand your home is often your most valuable investment. From the planning stage to budgeting to completing the job, Galveston County Remodeling has the experience to make any remodeling project a success. Contact us for a free estimate. 

Island Living

Galveston is fun in the sun, ocean breezes and lazy days on the water. Have you always wanted your own dock or boat ramp? Galveston County Remodeling has extensive experience creating custom decks, docks and ramps into the water. Your space is unique. All custom projects require expert communication, planning and structural precision. Make certain your builder has experience creating structures that will last in the elements for years to come.


Got Color?

Completely transform your space with updated color. Our experts have years of experience with precision painting and blending. From preparation to clean up, Galveston County Remodeling has your walls covered. Wake up your tired, neutral color scheme with new vibrancy. Bring in the light with a bold new accent. We specialize in interior and exterior painting. We do it all: walls, baseboards, ceilings, moulding, doors, stains and sealants.  


Expert Plumbing

Renovating your plumbing is sometimes essential in a remodel project. Our experts know how to plan and execute anything to do with pipes, toilets, sinks, and waste water. If you need a plumbing update, we know how to install efficient, water-saving toilets to make your water bill shrink. Avoid costly mistakes, hire the experts at Galveston County Remodeling.


Fencing Solutions

A quality wooden fence will last for decades. Galveston County Remodeling has experience with every fencing style. From white pickets to extra-tall security fencing, we’ve got you covered. Improve the value and security of your home with a secure custom-built fence.


Master Framing

Elegant Bathrooms

Hurricane Straps

Roof Framing

Picket Fencing


Solid Construction


Room Additions